The size of an icon will fluctuate depending


An icon is a graphic image that represents an available function on a computer’s graphical interface. They seem to be a normal image document, but to generate an icon, so you must have a special software application capable of saving and creating an image in ICO format.

The size of an icon will fluctuate depending upon the application form it is associated with. Some may call for a 16×16 pixel image among the others can need a 32×32 pixel picture. Additionally, the number of required colors can be 16 or even 256.


If you’re using Internet Explorer 5 or above, you’ve almost certainly noticed that some web sites you have positioned inside your”Favorite spots” have an icon which displays beside this link. This icon is traditionally known as a”Favicon.” Displaying a Favicon with a site can not merely allow it to stick from the sites listed, but nevertheless, it can also build brand awareness.

A Favicon really should represent your internet site and supply audiences with a quick recognition of your website. This is sometimes done with a specific symbol or logo that defines what your internet site is all about ICO review.

Creating Your Icon

You are able to easily generate a custom made icon to your web site which may display on your visitors'”Favorite Places.”

Your very first step is going to be to put in an icon creation program. I advise having a terrific shareware program called Icon Easel. You are able to down load it in the following web address:

To manually produce an icon using Icon Easel, you simply open up the program and then select your icon dimensions and colour taste from the dropdown menu to get started. Your icon will likely be created from the choices you specify. Ie requires that your icon is 16×16 pixels. When it isn’t, it will soon be ignored

You’re now ready to begin the actual design practice. The huge window which comprises all the squares can be your icon color. Each square represents a pixel and can be edited to fit your requirements. Use the tools over the left of the display screen to edit these pixels and also design your icon.

Using a Picture

When you have a picture which you’ll like to use within an icon, then you certainly can do so in a few of different methods. You may either duplicate your image and glue it onto your own icon picture, or you are able to paste your image by a file.

If you aren’t confident in your abilities to design your own own icon, employing a pre-designed image will probably be your best solution.

Establishing a Clear Wallpaper

When planning your own icon , unless the icon handles the whole canvas, you’re going to definitely want to make the background transparent. This can enable the image on your own icon to become translucent and enable the background to show through.

Your first step will be to click on on the”Screen” button on right-hand facet of one’s display. This can screen the transparency lines within your left color window. To include transparency to a pixel, click on the”Flood Fill” device (leaning paint can) onto the left-hand side of the display screen and fill from the pixels you’d love to create transparent.

Once you are finish with your icon, then only save your file as favicon.ico and upload it into your server where you store your HTML documents.

Associating Your Icon

Whenever that your guest provides your site to their own”Favorite spots,” ie automatically hunts for the favicon.ico file and displays it next for your internet site’s web link. You are able to also connect the icon with your internet page by simply saving the icon with a different filename besides favicon.ico and adding the following code on your HTML between the and tags.

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